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The program will explore different security areas and their specifics. The case process used in the program helps you learn how to manage, lead, and continuously develop security and safety practices in an organization. You will also learn how to become more impactful in your own role. The development project enables you to focus on a specific and topical theme and quickly apply the outcomes in your own organization.
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€ 15,400.00 (+VAT)

Target group and prerequisites

The program is designed in particular for Chief Security Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Security Managers, EHQS Managers, Risk Managers, and other senior specialists and experts in security.

Course description

Company security management has expanded in recent decades. The fundamentals have remained the same: protecting company key assets, strengthening continuity, and supporting the organization with proper security practices and compliance. However, changes in the security and operating environment have led to new demands being made. Security as a function is now required to provide and communicate the value it brings to the organization’s core activities. Furthermore, security professionals need to be able to work in cross-functional teams in an impactful manner, express insight and foresight regarding change, and take human and behavioral aspects strongly into consideration in their work.

The Diploma in Safety and Security Management program (Turvallisuusjohdon koulutusohjelma) explores these aspects and security contexts in a comprehensive and versatile way. During the program, you will strengthen your ability to understand security from different viewpoints and apply the learning in your own working context and partnerships, including at an operational level. The approach used in the training focuses on the one hand on widening perspectives, and on the other on finding concepts and solutions for the continuous development of security practices.

After the training, you have a stronger ability to lead and manage security in your own work and within key partnerships. Furthermore, you have a versatile understanding of security and safety both as a phenomenon and as an operation or function. Additionally, you have explored your own insight and role as an influential practitioner and leader, and are better equipped for continuous development throughout your career. You have also been able to create a wider professional network in the field of security.

The program will be delivered in the form of modules (total 270 hours). A major proportion of the learning activities will take place remotely, either completing individual or group learning assignments or working on your development project.

The program is held in Finnish.

Teaching takes place at Aalto PRO's premises in Helsinki.

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