Design Thinking (online)

This online course gives you a concise overview of design thinking. You will learn the human-centric process of Design Thinking and acquire tools for all its phases. The course includes curated extra reading materials and a workbook to help you practice and apply design thinking to your own real business challenges.
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Service management and design

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Target group and prerequisites

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to get a coherent understanding of design thinking as an approach and process, and a set of practical tools, and will especially benefit people in product development, services, processes, or strategies.

Course description

The main characteristic of design thinking as an approach to innovation is its deep understanding of the stakeholders. It focuses on research into the customer, citizen, or user, and their context, needs, goals, and aspirations. Design thinking means early prototyping and iterative testing of potential solutions using a practical methodology and process. This way, important decisions can be made early on in the development process. This saves resources towards the end of the process, when making changes is very expensive. Design thinking can be employed in developing products, services, processes, business models, and strategies.  

The Design Thinking online course consists of six modules with three videos each. The course starts with an introduction to design thinking and continues with empathy and customer understanding, framing a problem, setting the stage for ideation, and taking forth concepts and wrap-up. 

The course length is about 4–6 weeks, following the recommended schedule of 2 to 3 hours per week. 

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