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Welcome to learning more – update your degree to meet today’s challenges

Welcome to the world of lifewide learning at Aalto University, whatever your alma mater!
Aalto EMBA -opiskelija / Kuva: Otso Alasko

You already have a degree from a university or school and are a member of your institution’s alumni community.

Being an alumnus/alumna is a source of pride and inspiration; your regular contacts with other alumni/alumnae and your alma mater helps keep your knowledge about your own area of expertise up to date.

Your degree or diploma is an excellent foundation to build on, whether you want to update your knowledge and skills or learn something totally new. This is what everyone should do as long as they are part of the active workforce: continuously update, complement, and widen your competences and skills.

Welcome to the world of lifewide learning at Aalto University, whatever your alma mater!

Career design for Aalto Alumni | Aalto University (external link)

We offer several options to help you keep learning and design work that matters to you

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Lumi Maunuvaara: Becoming an entrepreneur with the drive of a 20-year-old | Aalto University (external link)

Lumi Maunuvaara, who founded HAVU Cosmetics during her second year of studies, learned quickly that being a start-up entrepreneur requires courage, even foolhardiness, but also humility.

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Mikko Dufva: In times of change, it is important to imagine our desired future outcomes together | Aalto University (external link)

Out of curiosity, a future's researcher also stops to investigate things that might seem insignificant at first. Their job is to challenge both their own and others’ thought patterns, and to inspire us all to imagine together.

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