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Engage and upskill your employees in the rapid changing environment with easily accessible academic learning.
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In the modern world, work is learning. Workplaces need learning cultures that can be created and nurtured by encouraging employees to continually update their knowledge and giving them relevant options to do that. Whether your challenge is in R&D or in planning and execution of upskilling or reskilling employees, we'll help you in the path of change.

Aalto University Lifewide Learning offers high quality competence development services that utilise Aalto University’s multidisciplinary faculty and approach. With our vast study portfolio and expertise in various fields, we can provide tailored solutions for professional development and staff training.

Let us help finding the best courses or study programmes for your employees. Please contact Laura Sivula to find out what would be the best solution for your organisation.

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Murata to become Aalto's first Lifewide learning company partner (external link)

The collaboration has produced a website representing hand-picked courses for Murata’s employees.

Career Design Lab, Aalto University

Career design thinking (external link)

The blog provides insights on how the work is changing now and in the future, and how to best prepare oneself to these changes.

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First Time Manager

Leadership and strategy


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