Lifewide Learning

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Changes in the world challenge our understanding of the knowledge and skills we will need in the future. What competencies do you need as you are starting in a new job, navigating an increasingly complex world, or when your former line of work is becoming extinct? Changes in your personal life may also require that you learn a whole new set of skills and acquire new knowledge and expertise.

Are you changing the direction of your career or have you accepted a promotion? Or are you simply interested in a variety of things and always passionate about learning something new? We at Aalto University will help you whenever you feel the need to learn and reinvent yourself.
Aalto-yliopiston opiskelijoita / Kuva Aino Huovio

What sparks your interest right now?

Our offering helps you stay at the leading edge of development and at the forefront of your field.

Lifewide Learning
Muotoiluajattelun opiskelua / Kuva Otso Alasko

Do you want to strengthen your existing competencies?

Ensure that you can continue to harness your knowledge and skills to the maximum.

Lifewide Learning
Aalto-yliopiston opiskelijoita / Kuva Aleksi Poutanen

Do you need to brush up on your knowledge?

Take your expertise to the next level and ensure your competitive edge.

Lifewide Learning
Aalto EMBA -opiskelijoita / Kuva Otso Alasko

Are you getting ready for a career transition?

Aalto University is where you can lay down the foundations on which to build.

Lifewide Learning
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