Lifewide Learning

Are you getting ready for a career transition?

Moving forward in your career requires brilliant skills and continuous professional development. Whether you are planning to change jobs, looking for new challenges or striving to take on new responsibilities and opportunities, Aalto University is where you can lay down the foundations on which to build.
Aalto EMBA -opiskelijoita / Kuva Otso Alasko

The increasingly rapid pace of technological advancement is speeding up the transformation of working life. As you progress in your career, you will repeatedly encounter new situations and responsibilities. Whether you are striving for a career transition in your current organisation or looking to go in a new direction, Aalto University will equip you for the journey.

You can select both individual courses and entire degree programmes to raise your skills to a new level. While studying, you will also learn to better understand yourself and other people, the surrounding world and megatrends, and new business models.

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