Sujuvat asiakasvirrat sote-palveluissa

The program's themes are producing, organizing, and managing these services from the perspective of operations management in service production: how services are produced cost-effectively and efficiently through a better patient and customer experience and service processes.
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Health care and social services

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Aalto PRO




€ 2,050.00 (+VAT)

Application period:

23.12.2022 – 14.4.2023

Target group and prerequisites

The program is aimed at directors, managers, supervisors, and team leaders responsible for organizing and developing social and healthcare services and professionals responsible for customer and patient information systems and their development.

Course description

Organizing and managing social and healthcare services need reforms to guarantee the sufficiency of resources and to ensure that patients and customers receive the care and services they need. The topic of the Sujuvat asiakasvirrat sote-palveluissa program is how social and healthcare services can be provided cost-effectively and efficiently in the future, achieving health benefits. Social and healthcare services management and production are considered as a broader entity across sector and service boundaries – in other words, as the benefit of the whole instead of sub-optimization. The program is based on operations management of services: how to achieve customer, patient, and employee benefits and utilize common resources smarter by reforming management practices and processes.

The training includes six days of expert presentations, case presentations, and group discussions. The program covers the following topics: structures of social and healthcare services, patient and customer flows and the smoothness of processes, the role of information systems, and the management and production of services.

Better management increases the job satisfaction of professionals and their opportunities to influence their tasks, allowing resources to be allocated more appropriately. During the program, you will challenge familiar structures and management models, share and hear experiences and good examples from others, and generate new ideas to develop better social and healthcare services. You will understand how to reduce unproductive sub-optimization, achieve better management practices, and increase processes flow.

Teaching takes place at Aalto PRO's premises in Helsinki.

The program is held in Finnish.

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