This two-day social welfare strategy simulation includes lectures and gameplay. The playfulness of the strategy simulation allows you to test decisions based on knowledge. You will experience the multiplier effects of the decisions and see the impact of the decisions made on the imaginary organization of the game. The program strengthens your foresight capabilities and ensures your organization’s success in the changing social welfare industry.
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Health care and social services

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Aalto EE




€ 2,850.00 (+VAT)

Target group and prerequisites

The program is intended for managers and decision-makers in the social services and welfare area.

Course description

Changes in legislation in the social and health care sectors are bringing new choices to decision-makers and leaders in welfare areas and social organizations. In addition to the new situation of organizations providing welfare services, the choices made highlight the opportunities. These opportunities open up with strategic decisions. Making decisions requires the ability to understand the changing entity as well as other organizations operating in it. In strategic decision-making, it is important to be able to rely on one's own ability to make long-term decisions and to support the successful establishment of organizations in the new field of social and health care services.

The Sote-strategiasimulaatio (Social Welfare Strategy Simulation) program utilizes Aalto EE's long-term experience in strategy games. In the strategy game, participants get to solve the challenges of the operating environment themselves and to notice their multiplier effects when working in a group.

The simulation deals with the change in the Social Welfare field and solves problems through everyday questions in the field, alternating between keynote lectures and the game.

The program consists of two days of online studies. Participants participate in lectures and solve tasks assigned to them with other program participants. The tasks will be dismantled together to form an overall picture of the social welfare strategy as a living and social phenomenon. Not only our own decisions but also those of other actors are important.

During the Sote-strategiasimulaatio program, participants will reflect on the most important phenomena in the social welfare industry by solving everyday challenges first-hand. The key issues in the social welfare industry at the moment are, for example, issues related to population change, the changing regulatory environment, and economic and role changes.

With the program, you build collaboration and get to see the multiplier effects of decision-making in a fun way by challenging yourself. Over the course of two days, you will build networks and, together with other participants, consider solutions to problems discussed in the social and healthcare field. One of the greatest opportunities is to experience the effects of the solutions made by others and to realize new possibilities in a changing and complex field.

The program consists of two online study days and a pre-preparation package. It is a good idea to book a total of about 2.5 days of study time.

The program is held in Finnish.

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