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We are amid a revolution of work, which started already long before the pandemic. Making sense of the future of work can feel tricky in the middle of a constant information overflow. This course is supported with academic research and references packaged in a way that is easy to access. In this course, we will look at how the roles of the individual, organisations and society have changed and how it affects how we work today and in the future.
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Creativity and future

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Course description

In this course, we will look at how the roles of the individual, organisations and society have changed and how it affects how we work today and in the future. People are the ones who design a future of work that is sustainable, productive and fulfilling. The course is an open online course. The course material is divided into five (5) chapters.

Self-directed studying

  1. Registration for the course opens 6 May 2021.
  2. Get acquainted with the course contents. The course is divided into five chapters, which all have at least three sections.
  3. After each section, there will be either a multiple-choice quiz or self-reflection questions.
  4. In order to pass the course, you will need to pass all quizzes and open questions.
  5. After successfully completing the course you will have the possibility to purchase a certificate of completion and you are eligible to apply for 2 ECTS.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand and to be able to historically contextualise the main elements of change in relation to white-collar paid employment on individual, organisational and societal levels.
  • To understand how work is gradually disconnecting from time, place and employment, and to be able to systematically analyse the individual-level implications of these changes.
  • Understand how megatrends like digitalisation and ecological and social sustainability are transforming how contemporary organizations operate.
  • Understand how organizational paradigms and cultures have evolved over the years and how contemporary organizations are embracing and integrating multiple organizational paradigms and cultures.
  • Understand vertical, distributed and hybrid organizational structures, what are their strengths, and how they relate to organizational culture and leadership. We also discuss why contemporary organizations are shifting more towards distributed and hybrid structures.
  • Understand the basic leadership concepts and how contemporary leadership looks like and how it is aligned with organizational culture and design.

Completion terms

The course must be completed within 12 months of registration for the course. Please note that this course is a self-directed open online course.

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