Climate Change, Health and Architecture

This course is a future-oriented introduction to climate change and its relationship to human activities, built environment and health. The course is open to architects, designers, artists, planners, health professionals, policy developers, activists and optimistic future-makers!
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Built environment

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Aalto University Summer School




6 By Aalto University (ECTS)


1 400,00 € including VAT 24%

Course description

The changing climate is causing increased stress to both buildings and their users. The built environment is also a key source of emissions. Meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement is not possible without strong action in construction.

Climate Change, Health and Architecture is a future-oriented intensive where each student creates an adaptation action plan for their specifically chosen context. Students learn the basics of climate change during the two intensive weeks and its impacts on the built environment and human health. They learn to identify the effects of climate change in their own communities, evaluate the risks and create strategies for climate-conscious design and decision-making processes that can change the course of the future.

Course assignments focus on actions towards, e.g. carbon neutrality, improving health, community education, campaigns, art and culture. Through inspiring lectures and exploring future scenarios, students apply their skills to a practical adaptation and mitigation strategy for an area of their choice.

Learning outcomes of the course

  • Understanding the basics of climate change, including its causes and planetary boundaries
  • Realising the impacts of climate change on the built environment and human health
  • Exploring and evaluating different future scenarios
  • The role of construction as a driver and solution of climate change
  • Key policy development paths
  • The connections between carbon-neutral construction and wellbeing architecture
  • Understanding the co-benefits of mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • Learning to design and build for a better future and contribute to positive change

Applying to the course

Apply by June 30th 2021. Note that all Summer School courses have rolling admission. Once the course is full, the registration is closed.

Climate Change, Health and Architecture accepts applications from Aalto degree students, exchange students, artists, professionals, and other lifelong learners. The minimum pre-requisite is a completed bachelor’s degree in any discipline or an alternate, significant experience (over 5 years) of professional practice. Special circumstances may also be considered. 

  • Aalto students, note that you will apply through the application form linked on this page, not through Oodi. 
  • Exchange students will receive information about applying to the course after being nominated from their home university.  
  • Lifelong learners, students from other institutions and partner university students without exchange student status, please apply through the application form linked on this page. 

Course schedule

Daily classes Monday-Friday at 9:15-17:00 (Helsinki time, GMT+3). The course requires full-day participation 

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for external students is 1400€ (including VAT 24%).

There is no tuition fee for nominated exchange students from a partner institution of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecturee, Aalto degree students, students with a flexible study right (JOO-right) from another Finnish university. Reduced tuition fee (50%) for students from Aalto University partner institutions who are not nominated for exchange.

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